C4D预设 47套高级图表数据统计表现合集预设    [复制链接]

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C4D教程-饼状图绑定动画 Pie Chart Tutorial
作用分类: 包装
插件分类: 预设
使用教程: 无教程
支持(高版本请自测): R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R19 R20 R21 S22 R23 
支持语言: 英文 
支持系统: PC MAC 
出现位置: 预设目录 
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This product will not work in C4D Lite or Element 3D. It is created for Cinema4D, not for After Effects. It will also not work in C4D Visualize which doesn’t have the required mograph features.

The models include textures. If you use R15 and below there may be some issues with the reflectance channel on a few of the materials but the fix is really easy. You can learn more about that issue and how to resolve it here.

You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way.

I’m excited to share our new Graphs and Charts Pack! Simon Spencer-Harvey and I have created 45+ Cinema4D infographic bar, chart and graph rigs! Every single model has an xpresso rig so you can easily change the bar, point, or line heights with sliders.

The sliders are also connected to the numerical values, so they go up and down whenever you raise a bar or move a point! We didn’t stop there though. We are also including a fully pre-animated version of each and every model so you can just add them to your scene and already have the animation set up! That means you can either use the included xpresso rig, or you can use the pre-animated xpresso rig, it’s up to you since we have included both versions.



我很高兴能分享我们的新的图形和图表包!西蒙·斯宾塞 - 哈维和我创建45+ Cinema4D在酒吧的信息图表,图表和图形钻机!每一个型号都有一个的XpressO钻机,所以你可以很容易地与滑块更改栏,点或线的高度。


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C4D预设 47套高级图表数据统计表现合集预设 

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