AE复古照片像素化马赛克插件 Aescripts RetroDither

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插件作用: 视觉特效 
工具类型: 插件
插件语言: 英文 
适用版本(仅供参考): CS4 CS5 CS5.5 CS6 CC 
使用教程: 无教程
支持系统: PC 
检索码: QL220217AC-75
是一个视觉特效插件,语言为英文。支持after effects软件版本:CS4、CS5、CS5.5、CS6、CC,插件使用教程:无教程。支持PC系统安装使用,下载检索码QL220217AC-75。当前ae插件素材由用户慧彩分享在AE插件区,更多关于马赛克、复古、色彩效果、GPU插件、FC像素的ae插件请访问菜鸟C4D网站!
AE复古比特像素插件 Aescripts RetroDither

RetroDither 可以模拟FC复古像素效果,包含多种预设,基于GPU运算的

RetroDither is a GPU accelerated plugin for Adobe After Effects which allows to create stylized images with dithering and color schemes from retro game consoles and home computer platforms.

You could call it ‘save GIF for web’ on steroids on first sight, but in fact RetroDithering is capable to do so much more, having more than 10 different ordered and errordiffusion dithering algorithms and color palettes varying from several adaptive to classic hardware ones, such as ZX spectrum, CGA, MSX and many more.

Now you can do very authentic stylizing, if you’re trying to add some retro feeling into your motion graphics or footage.

20 different color palettes including C-64 and Apple II
Adaptive color palettes work pretty similar to the ones in e.g. Adobe Photoshop “Save for Web” dialog , while named after hardware ones (CGA, ZX Spectrum, C64 etc.) are mimicking actual ancient hardware limitations.
12 different dithering methods
RetroDither is generally capable of two types of dithering: error diffusion (including Floyd-Steinberg, Jarvis-Judice, Stucki, Atkinson, Burkes, Siera, Stevenson-Arce algorithms) and ordered dithering using Bayer matrix.
0 to 8x downscaling
Performs image downscaling for more stylized look.
Threshold slider
Is available to alter Bayer dithering algorithms, and also to manage 1-bit color palette mapping.
Performs additional grayscale conversion of the input. Note that color palette is applied after this operation, which means you won’t necessary have grayscale image on the output of the effect; instead, RetroDither will map shades of gray to colors of output palette, which might give you quite interesting results.
Seprentine scan
Alters all error diffusion based (non-Bayer) dithering algorithms, producing slightly different result (see the description).
Fully GPU Accelerated!
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