3DS MAX软件粒子特效高级训练视频教程(TyFlow插件)

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3DS MAX TyFlow粒子插件全面高级教程 RedefineFX – TyFlow DeepDive

TyFlow是3DS MAX的一款粒子模拟插件,本教程深度讲解该插件的使用方法,包括tyActors、VDBs、自定义粒子、材质驱动粒子模拟、基于Phoenix的流体烟雾模拟、布料模拟等
After a massive response to the tyFlow Basecamp, I disappeared for 3 months to build something bigger & more in-depth. Expand your knowledge of 3D simulations & particle effects with 55+ new lessons, including a huge chapter on tyActors (generate crowds, animated characters, & ragdolls, combine multiple animations, blow them away with an explosion, destroy or catch them with ropes…), VDBs (generating volumes from objects & particles),  custom properties (use custom floats, color particles by size, speed, age…), use textures to drive simulation behavior, generate & influence particles based on Phoenix liquid & smoke simulations, and go deeper on all major operators, including cloth simulations, comprehensive overview of the powerful Set Target operator (hang objects on ropes or connect actors with strings), new CUDA accelerated particle binds, splines, tearing, inflating, and so much more.  This course is packed, but don’t worry – everything is made in the same beginner-friendly, to-the-point, step-by-step teaching style (with ALL project files included!) you’re used to from me, and all of the new concepts will be crystal clear by the time you’re done with the course.
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