C4D军用突击步枪武器模型 Assault Rifle  [复制链接]

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资源分类: 免费资源
模型名字: C4D军用突击步枪武器模型 Assault Rifle
工程性质: 纯模型
模型分类: 战争 » 手持武器
文件格式: C4D 
工程细节: 材质  
含渲染器: C4D自带 
来源信息: https://www.c4dcn.com
检索码: QL202012021928


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C4D军用突击步枪武器模型 Assault Rifle
该自动步枪由角斗士自行车工厂生产。这种单独的武器会发射专门为其开发的弹药:8毫米的利比罗尔。它可能是世界上第一个专门为突击步枪设计的中间弹药。它由一个组成。 351 Winchester自装式弹壳,带有8毫米(0.31英寸)Leber口径装甲穿甲弹头。该武器系统由1915年Musa MLE的设计师之一lieberoller设计。1918年7月6日,该武器首次在凡尔赛试验场进行了测试。 1921年7月20日至18日,在下龙long进行了一次全面的试验。但是测试结果并不理想,首先是喷枪的动作机理不可靠,故障频发。其次,这种弹药的弹道性能未达到预期的理想状态,主要是因为超过400米时精度会变得很差。作为一种单独的武器,枪的重量显然太重了,但是当用作轻机枪时,射程和准确性均不及预期。结果,这种武器没有得到进一步发展。
This automatic rifle is produced by the Gladiator bicycle factory. This individual weapon fires an ammunition specially developed for it: 8mm liberol. It may be the world's first intermediate ammunition specially designed for assault rifles. It consists of a. 351 Winchester self loading cartridge case with an 8mm (0.31 inch) Leber caliber armour piercing warhead. The weapon system was designed by lieberoller, one of the designers of the Musa MLE 1915. On July 6, 1918, the weapon was first tested at the Versailles proving ground. From July 20 to August 18, 1921, a comprehensive experiment was carried out in xialongying. But the test results are not ideal, first of all, the action mechanism of the gun is not reliable, and the failures occur frequently; secondly, the ballistic performance of this kind of ammunition does not reach the expected ideal, mainly because the precision becomes very poor when it exceeds 400 meters. As an individual weapon, the weight of the gun is obviously too heavy, but when used as a light machine gun, the range and accuracy are not as good as expected. As a result, such weapons have not been further developed.

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C4D军用突击步枪武器模型 Assault Rifle 

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