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来自Detail AG的Simone Nucci和Tiny Bernhard在IBC 2019 Maxon展台上发表的“如何在工作之间快速生成动画”。
"How to Quickly Generate Animations In-Between Jobs" by Simone Nucci & Tiny Bernhard from Detail AG at the IBC 2019 Maxon booth.
Presentation description:
Tiny and Simone show how to create simple short animations in-between jobs. There are no rules, no special demand, it`s all about fun and interest. The goal is to generate good footage and use it as an eye-catcher for the clients. They will go through some of their projects to demonstrate how Cinema 4D can be really powerful in combination with Redshift.
About Simone & Tiny:
Simone studied industrial and communication design, toured with a VJ team to various festivals and concerts all over Europe and worked as a motion designer and 3D animator. At SRF (Swiss national TV channel) he was responsible for the development of campaigns, image films, info graphics and openers for the program coverage. From 2016 until now has been working for the motion design department at Detail AG together with Tiny.
Fascinated by motion design, Tiny's career started as a runner for various music clip productions. He broadened his knowledge in the fields of post-production and worked as a senior motion designer in the on-air design team of SRF (Swiss national TV channel) where he met Simone Nucci. He was responsible for channel brands and the development of the opening sequences. Together with Simone he leads the motion design department at Detail AG.
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C4D公开课演讲教程 Detail AG @ IBC 2019 | Maxon Cinema 4D 

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