C4D模型 开关插座组合模型合集

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工程性质: 纯模型
模型分类: 机械
文件格式: C4D MAX OBJ FBX 
工程细节: 优选合集 
含渲染器: 软件自带 VRAY Corona 
检索码: CN201911222306

A set of switches and sockets. The kit includes: - Frames Outlet at 1-6 sockets. - One-button switches (including icons and LED backlight) - two-button switches. - Three-button switch. - Audiorozetka - socket for twisted pair. - TV and radio outlet. - Dimmers - Card power-saving switch - Sockets (simple, with protection, grounding) - double socket - Analog Thermostat - digital thermostat - Control blinds - Call Set konstrutorom goes, all the elements separately. Stack is not fused. Materials Corona and Vray. Obj and Fbx in the archive. The sockets are under the dummy for the binding. (You can put any element of content 3d with reference to the pivot point, pivots aligned as it should be). The names of objects suitable for the purpose, materials - too. set color to beige changing so. In any plastic material in the diffuse map is composite. Second from the top slot in it - mix the card, it is necessary to tick color # 1, while all other materials will change color to beige. Successful renderings.

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