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作用分类: 渲染器 » Redshift
插件分类: 插件
使用教程: 无教程
支持(高版本请自测): R16 R17 R18 R19 
支持语言: 英文 
支持系统: PC 
出现位置: 其他 
检索码: 201709302328

Version 2.5.32 is now available.
This build includes plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, C4D, Katana and Softimage
Release notes
* [Maya] Added Xgen support on macOS
* [Max] Fixed issue with IPR resetting / freezing in Material editor
* [Max] Added support for IPR refresh button in Render View
* [Max] Added support for bucket/progressive render toggle in Render View
* [Max] Added support for render modes (clay & samples) in Render View
* [Max] Added support for Progressive render Undersampling in the Render View
* [Max] Added 100ms timeout to avoid resuming IPR between shaderball renders
* [Max] Honor “Hide Frozen Objects” setting
* [C4D] Added support for Progressive render Undersampling in the Render View
* [C4D] Fixed an issue in the CameraMap node, which caused the camera parameter to be ignored
* [C4D] Fixed an issue where ShaderGraph materials did not render their previews under the built-in OpenGL renderers
* [C4D] Fixed a crash issue in the RenderView during IPR
* [Houdini] Updated algorithm to compute the motion blur from the mesh deformations, making it more robust and compatible with the triangulate ngons option
* [Houdini] The environment RSLightSun is rendered even if the light is disabled or added to the exclussion lists. Fixed.
* [Houdini] Fixed a crash while extracting point attributes with a variable tupple size
* [Katana] Added support for the proxy and proxy instances user data override from geometry.arbitrary primitive attributes
* [Katana] Added support for the proxy point clouds user data override from geometry.arbitrary point attributes
* [All] Fixed bug that could make deep EXR rendering hang for large ‘unified max samples’ values
* [All] Fixed bug that could cause textures to be dropped when using a shader switch node
* [All] Fixed various bugs relating to nested shader switch nodes
* [All] Fixed bug where volume-grid-related motion blur parameters were not correctly saved on Redshift proxy files
* [All] Fixed volume-grid motion vector issue which could produce spikes and/or produce results that looked different compared to other renderers
* [All] The redshiftCmdLine utility now has a -printdependencies switch which prints out external dependencies of proxy file (textures, proxies, vdbs). This will only work for proxies exported from this version onwards!
Redshift红移渲染器普及教程( 五)(菜鸟独家发布)

https://www.c4dcn.com/thread-11500.html  教程适用软件版本(未XXX)

Redshift V2.5.32 GPU渲染器汉化版 Redshift C4D/Houdini/Maya/3DS MAX插件版本 V2.5.32 WinXX版

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更新了redshift渲染器,谢谢分享 。
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