C4D插件 高级拓扑顶点贴图插件汉化版 TOPOLOGY VERTEX MAPS Version 1.31    [复制链接]

C4D插件 2018-01-04 15:05 发布

插件名称: TOPOLOGY VERTEX MAPS Version 1.31
作用分类: UV
插件分类: 插件
使用教程: 含教程
支持版本: R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R19 
支持语言: 英文 C4DCN.com汉化 
支持系统: PC MAC 
出现位置: 标签菜单 
版权信息: 转载
来源信息: https://cinemaplugins.com/c4d-plugins/topology-vertex-maps/
纠错反馈: 1群179731945,2群387065337 , 3群 143466405
检索码: CN201801041501


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C4D插件 高级拓扑顶点贴图插件汉化版 TOPOLOGY VERTEX MAPS Version 1.31

Topology Vertex Maps is an amazing plugin for CINEMA4D, which generates procedural vertex maps in realtime. Topo Maps has it’s own, unique, multi-threaded ray-tracer, which generates amazing, and unique surface maps.

What you get

Topology Vertex Map Tag —This Is the main tag which does all the processing and work. It is in essence, a multithreaded , real-time raytracer, embedded in a tag.
Polygon Transfer Tag — This is special tag which converts virtual polygon hierarchy into a single Polygon object, and lets you add a single vertex map to multiple objects. Its like the connect Object only much faster and on steroids !!!
Tools4D Vertex Map shader — A vertex map shader that is not link based, but name based. This gives you a vertex shader that is significantly more useful than the the built in shader.

C4D R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18 & R19
both MAC and PC 64bit builds, included.
Studio, Visualize, Broadcast and Prime, Student.
Includes Team Render Support

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C4D插件 高级拓扑顶点贴图插件汉化版 TOPOLOGY VERTEX MAPS Version 1.31 

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